Old Ford Tractor Accessories

By: John Smith of Old Ford Tractors

The interest in old Ford tractors among collectors has rapidly increased in the last
several years which has also increased the demand for original parts, accessories (factory
and period aftermarket), original sales literature, manuals, memorabilia, etc. Following are
just a few examples of hard to find or collectible items as well as some features
and originality issues pertaining to these items.

early worklight Late worklight

Light kits were a dealer installed option on the Ford N's. These are original
rear work lights. They have a zinc plated brass toggle switch on the side and a
4 inch inside frosted lens with the Ford logo and the Tract-O-Lite name on it.
The light on the left has the early style lamp (with rings) used until 1951.
The light on the right has the later style lamp (dimpled) used in 1951 and after.

Early 2N-8N tail light Late 8N tail light

Original tail lights. The tail light on the left was used on the 2N, and early 8N
through 1948. It has a chrome bezel and red glass lens with the name TAURUS
on it. The tail light on the right was sold in the kits starting in '49 and was very
similar with only a small change in the shape of the bezel and a bit more taper
in the back of the housing. It carries the DuoLamp name and has the name
"Stimsonite" on the red lens.

8N headlights Tract-O-Lite name

Original headlights. The photo on the left shows the two types of headlight mounts
used on the 8N. The "wing" style mounts were used up until mid 1950 when they were
replaced in the kits with the stamped steel round mounts that were probably cheaper
but yet stronger than the easily broken aluminum wing type. The Tract-O-Lite name is
visible on the headlight housing. 2N headlights were identical but did not have the
Tract-O-Lite name.

Original hand crank

An original N-series hand crank and the "ratchet" drive nut that goes into
the front crankshaft pulley. This is one of the later style cranks that is one
piece forged steel with "wing" shaped drive dogs to kick out easily when the
engine started. The raised ring a few inches back from the end identifies
this one as a NAA crank. Cranks were provided for all 9-2-8Ns and NAA.
If your battery died, you always had this backup way to get the tractor started.

Tool part number and name:

9N17014 Plow wrench with inch
marks to check furrow depth

01A-17021A Adjustable wrench

B17025-A Pliers

B17020 Screwdriver

01A-17017B Spark plug wrench

01A-17016 9/16-5/8 wrench

01A-17015 7/16-1/2 wrench

Tool kit

This is the tool kit that came with the N-series tractors. All tools had the Ford
logo (or FoMoCo after 1950) except for the pliers and screwdriver
which had no markings.

Original solenoid

An original 8N tin can housing starter solenoid (left) and the later
black plastic housing replacement solenoid (right).

Original dipsticks

Original 8N dipsticks for the engine oil and hydraulic oil level were made
from round stock. Aftermarket replacements are made from flat stock.

Original air filter cups

Original 8N air filter oil cups. The early style on the left was used on the 9N-2N and
early 8N until 1948. The flat bottom cup in the center was used from '48 thru '50. The
wide dished bottom cup was used from '51 and up through the NAA and hundred
series tractors.

Cable shift Sherman

This tractor is equipped with the optional cyclone air precleaner. Also note the knob
on the lower right side of the dash which shifts the Sherman overdrive transmission.
Sherman transmissions were offered as a dealer installed option and were available
in overdrive (Step-up), underdrive (Step-down) and dual range over/underdrive models.
Most singles had a shifter lever on the left side of the transmission, but some were
offered with a cable shifter for a short time. Since the cables rusted and froze
up easily, they were soon dropped from the Sherman options.

Sherman combination transmission

Normally invisible except for the shifter handle, this is a Sherman
combination transmission removed from the tractor. This one still has
nice original paint and the Sherman products decal looks like new.
Check our Sherman page for more info.

Sherman live pto for 8N

Note the extra long lever coming out of the left side pto shifter cover on this 8N.
This is the extremely rare Sherman live pto conversion for the 8N. The lever operates
a manual clutch pack between the transmission and the rear end pinion gear. This allowed
the tractor operator to start up normally with the pto engaged and then use the long lever
to disengage the tractor drive and stop the tractor without stopping the pto. If you use the
lever for stopping and starting and left the regular foot clutch alone you had a "live" pto.

8N precleaner Precleaner ad 9N precleaner

The cyclone or "turbine" style air precleaners have always been a popular option on the
N-series Fords. The incoming air is swirled and the heavier dirt particles are deposited
into the glass jar where they can be emptied later. The regular oil bath air cleaner doesn't
need serviced nearly as often with the precleaner in use. Available as an original dealer
installed Ford accessory, the precleaners were made by the Air Cleaner Service Company
of Lincoln, Nebraska. On the left is the 8N model. On the right is the 9N-2N model.

Precleaner bails Original precleaner jar

Original jars and bails for the cyclone precleaners are scarce. The bail on the left
is the early style cup type. The bail in the center was the later type and is the
most common. The bail on the right is a non-original replacement available today.
There were at least 3 types of jars used. One plain, and one with a band around the
center. Both carried the Air Cleaner Service company name molded in the bottom of
the jar. The third was a 1/2 pint Atlas brand mason jar.

Original Ford muffler

This is an original Ford muffler. The Ford logo and the part number are
embossed from the inside. They're heavier and better constructed
than the imported junk we get for replacement today.

Dowden foot pedal ad click to enlarge Dowden foot pedal

The extension on the front of the running board is a foot accelerator manufactured by
the Dowden Manufacturing Company. It enabled the operator to control the engine speed
while keeping his right hand free for the shifter or the lift control.

9N Dowden foot pedal

The Dowden Manufacturing Company also made a foot feed pedal for the 9N-2N
tractors. Definitely a rare find today.

Sherman head advertisement click to enlarge Sherman aluminum head

The Sherman Manufacturing Company offered this aluminum high compression
head for the N's. Apparently it wasn't a big seller and is a rare find.

Grille screen and bumper

The Ford Farming grille screen and the front bumper were
both popular items and originals are highly sought after today.

Swinging draw bar

The original Dearborn swinging draw bar mounts to a bracket under the rear end of the
tractor with a pivot pin. It is adjustable to the left or right of center on the regular
11 hole drawbar and makes pulling implements or trailers easy and safe.

PTO belt pulley

The belt pulley attachment drives off the pto shaft and allows implements
or attachments to be driven by a wide flat belt from this pulley.

The Dearborn accessory tractor jack. This handy gizmo can lift the entire
tractor up at once to allow the operator to remove tires and adjust tread
width. Folds up to a compact package for storage. The tractor uses its own
hydraulics to raise itself.

 8N 3x19 front wheel  Ford script

Original 8N 3" x 19" front wheel. In rare cases the Ford script and KH (Kelsey Hayes)
markings can be found on these wheels.

Early 8N front wheel Late 8N front wheel

Original 8N 16 inch front wheels. The 19" front wheels were standard equipment and
the 16" wheels were optional, intended mainly for tractors with loaders. The wheel
on the left is the more rare 16" early 8N wheel used until 1950. Note the lack of
mounting holes for wheel weights. The wheel on the right was used in 1951 and up.
It's a standard implement type wheel still readily available today.

Original 8N rear
 wheel Aftermarket 8N rear 

8N 28" rear wheel rims. The wheel on the left is an original "box" or "hat" style
rim while the wheel on the right is a common 6 loop replacement rim found on many
tractors. Since a lot of the original rims were eaten up by calcium chloride leakage
(used as ballast weight) finding good original rims today has become quite a challenge.

Rear wheel stamp

The original hat style rear rims were also made for Ford by Kelsey Hayes. If you can
find one that isn't rusted you can see the size, Ford logo and Kelsey Hayes name
stamped on the inside of the rim.

Ford tractor tire pump Ford tractor tire pump

Original Ford tractor accessory tire pump. Get out in the south forty and realize
you have a low tire? No problem! Remove a spark plug, screw in the tire pump, and
let your tractor engine pump it back up for you.

The E-Z ride seat The E-Z ride seat

An original 8N dealer option was the E-Z ride seat made for Ford by the Monroe
shock absorber people. These seats are a LOT more comfortable than the standard
8N seat, especially on rough ground.

Knoedler seat Knoedler seat

An aftermarket seat made by Knoedler Manufacturing in Streator, IL and marketed
for Ferguson tractors seems to have found it's way onto a lot of 8Ns over the years.
This seat is more comfortable than the regular 8N seat, but not if you had long legs.
The rearward adjustment was a little lacking.

Parking brake Parking brake

Here are 2 of the many styles of add-on parking brake levers that aftermarket
suppliers made and sold for the 8N. These put pressure on the brake pedal itself.

Parking brake

The cam lock type worked very well and didn't interfere with normal use
of the brakes or the operator's foot. They fit both left and right sides.

Cigarette lighter Cigarette lighter

Yes, the cigarette lighter was a genuine Ford dealer installed accessory
available for the 8N. They probably didn't sell too many of them since
most farmers frown on smoking around dry fields or hay in the barn.

Original owners manuals

Original 8N operator's manuals. The manual on the left is the first one ever issued
for the 8N. It's dated July 7, 1947 and is the most rare. This style manual was used
until March '49 when the cover design was changed to add a 3/4 side view photo of the tractor.
The position of the tractor in the photo changed slightly in 1950 to that in the photo on the right.
This style manual continued until 1952. Through the years the manuals were updated
as changes to the tractor were made and the date on the manual reflected the
starting date of that particular printing. The '52 manual (3279-52-C) is the
most common since it was still being printed for several years after 1952.
Known operator's manuals for 8N tractors -
3729-47-G Jul. 7, 1947
3729-48-A Jan 1948
3729-48-H Aug. 18, 1948
3729-49-C Mar. 1, 1949
3729-49-H Aug. 19, 1949
3729-49-H Dec. 19, 1949
3729-50-F Jun 1, 1950
3729-50-M Dec 1950
3729-51-K Nov 1951
3729-52-C Mar 1952

Original literature

Early 8N sales literature. On the left is a 15 page booklet from 1948 describing the new Ford tractor features, options, and accessories. Center is a 3 page brochure listing the accessories available, including light kits, rear belt pulleys, bumpers, dual wheel kits, turbine air pre-cleaners, storm covers, all weather cabs, a folding canopy, double action shock absorber type seat, tractor jack, tire pump, grease gun and bracket, and - - a dash board installed electric cigarette lighter! On the right is the 1947 sales brochure introducing the new Ford tractor with 22 improvements.

Original literature

More original literature. On the left is a four page booklet aimed at selling the Ford 8N
to users other than farmers. It shows many attachments and implements that were
available for use by contractors, etc. Center is sales literature for the Sherman
overdrive and step-up/step-down transmissions. On the right is a '52 Ford
tractor calendar which advertises the 15,000 hour endurance test.

Ed Gooding (VA) got the original 1952 sales invoice and customer survey with his '52 8N
when he bought it. (Click here) to view the sales invoice. (Click here) to view the customer
survey/warranty registration. Ed also has an original letter and order form From Harry
Ferguson, Inc that was sent to new 9N-2N tractor owners during WWII reminding them
to order their spare parts early because of wartime material shortages. (Click here)

The samples above are just a few of the original Ford Tractor items that collectors
are looking for. A more complete listing could fill volumes. We will update this
page from time to time with different examples.

Thanks to John Smith of Old Ford Tractor for allowing us to use this information.

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