1947 Ford 8N Serial # 949

By: John Smith of Old Ford Tractors

This tractor was purchased in August, 1997. What was most attractive about it was the low serial number and the fact that it was mostly all there and original. Very few parts seem to have been changed or cobbled on. It had been parked in a corn crib, non-running, for about 20 years. With the production schedules Ford was running when the 8N started up in July, 1947, it is very likely this tractor was built during the first week of production of 8N's. There are a few things unique to the early '47s. The grille still had the holes for the Ferguson badge from the 2N. The clutch linkage was different from later models and the PTO lever mounting cover was cast iron instead of stamped steel. The following photos show the restoration from the beginning to the completion.


On the trailer

Our project tractor arriving home

Engine area

Not exactly in "running condition"


A classic "basket case"

In the shop

In the shop ready for teardown


Coming apart into many pieces
that all need cleaned.....

Gear cases

Transmission and differential cases are all apart for
cleaning and bearing/seal replacement. Now we
start putting all this back together.

Steering box

Rebuilding the steering box

Going back together

Rear section is back together with new bearings, seals,
brakes, rebuilt hydraulic pump, rebuilt lift cylinder and new lift arm
bushings. Transmission is together with new bearings and shifter pin.
The Sherman overdrive unit is in and the steering box is rebuilt.

Engine assembly

Engine is being assembled. Crankshaft was reground,
oil pump rebuilt, new pistons and sleeves, complete new valve train,
new rod bushings, new front pulley and the head was milled. Should
be as good as new when it's done.

Ready to paint

Engine is bolted up and front axle assembly is rebuilt
and bolted on. Everything is cleaned and prepped for the red paint.

Parts to be painted

All the loose parts are primered and ready for paint. These
will be painted separately and assembled later.

The original plan was to have this tractor finished in the spring of '98, but sometimes things just don't go according to plan. It took exactly one year after we brought it home to get it all finished. It was a lot of hard work, but the end result made it all worthwhile.


Painted red

Everything is painted and ready for final assembly

Engine left

Installing the wiring

Front detail

Front view

Getting closer

Progressing nicely

Engine right

Radiator is in, ready for the hood.


The finished tractor from the back.

Left side

The rebuilt engine purrs like new.

Ready for the shows

Looking good and running good, we were finished just in time to
make the '98 shows at Georgetown, Ohio, and Portland, Indiana.

At Georgetown Ohio

At the '98 F/FCA show at Georgetown, Ohio


In the summer of 2000 this tractor was sold and was delivered to it's new
home and owner for light duty work on a farm in Minnesota.

Thanks to John Smith of Old Ford Tractor for allowing us to use this information.

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