1950 Ford 8N Serial # 306967

By: John Smith of Old Ford Tractors

This tractor was purchased in June '96 in pretty sorry condition. It was completely disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted, repaired or rebuilt and refinished as needed to bring it back to like new condition. We took it to several shows in '97 and got a lot of positive comments. It earned it's keep as a snowplow during the winters pushing a front mounted blade made by ARPS in the '40's or '50's. In November 2000 the tractor was again disassembled and re-restored with a fresh coat of paint and several changes for originality.


ARPS angle dozer blade

Photo from 1997 showing the tractor equipped with an ARPS 6 ft. front mount
angle dozer blade. We're doing our snow removal now with a 7 ft. rear blade.

Ready for the shows

Summer 2001, ready for the tractor shows with fresh paint and all new
rubber on original 8N rims

The tractor is back to the original 6 volt system and has many new and NOS original
equipment parts and accessories. Reproduction parts were kept to a bare minimum.

Front bumper

An original front bumper protects the grille

Right side

Features include the cyclone style air precleaner with original glass jar, a NOS
Ford muffler, and a Dowden foot feed pedal.

Under the hood

Toolbox, battery cover and gas tank

Left side

A Sherman Hi-Lo Combination transmission was added

Rear view

Set up with the Dearborn swinging drawbar and stays, an original worklight
so you can see behind you, original tail light so others can see you, and
an original 1950 license plate just because.

Our 861 Powermaster

No, it's not an 8N, it's our '62 Ford 861 Powermaster with Ford 703 loader and
power steering. With the front bucket and a 7 foot rear blade, this will most
likely be doing our snow removal and dirt work from now on.


Thanks to John Smith of Old Ford Tractor for allowing us to use this information.

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