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Nuts "N" Bolts Q&A

Ford/Fordson Collector Assn. members may submit questions about Ford or Fordson tractors as well as Dearborn and Ford attachments.

In an effort to promote goodwill to non-members and as encouragement for others to join our association, we will endeavor to answer all questions, at least for the time being.


Questions may range from technical to parts, dates, paint codes, restoration problems, and so forth.  These questions will be automatically sent to our volunteer panel members who will do their best to provide answers.  While this panel does not claim to be “experts” or that they know it all, they have access to several additional consultants which they can call or check things out.  As the new feature begins to grow, it is our hope that other members will step up and assist.

The Nuts “N” Bolts forum will not be limited to questions, but will also accept suggestions, comments, good stories or a piece of history to share with all.

We hope that members will tell us what they want in this new feature and provide us direction in how we progress and grow. 

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