By: John Smith of Old Ford Tractors

This is a photo of a Worthington "G" that was listed for sale recently on eBay.
Note this one has the dual rear wheels.

Worthington Tractors

A few of the more common applications for the "N" engine.

Before restoration

St. Jude 8N Project

This 1951 Ford 8N tractor undergoes a complete restoration.


SOS Lawnmower

 It's not a restoration, it's a "custom" tractor. 


8N Lawnmower

This tractor was completely disassembled and rebuilt.

This unrestored 6 cylinder Funk conversion was one of the early kits that used the channel iron frame supports. Later models had Funk manufactured cast iron oil pans.

8N Funk Conversions

By chance in 1948, the collectible Funk was created.

Our project tractor arriving home.

47' 8N Restoration

This tractor was mostly all there and original.


1950 80N Show Tractor

This tractor was our show tractor, and its earned it's keep as a snowplow.

1951 Ford 8N Stilts Conversion

1951 Ford 8N Stilts Conversion

This stilts conversion was manufactured by The Tractor Stilts Company of Omaha Nebraska.