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Would you like to join an organization where you can get information on tractor models, years, or other technical matters related to the Ford/Fordson from 1917 up to New Holland, including English, Irish and American Models.  

Then the Ford/Fordson Collectors Association is for you!  You don't have to own a tractor to belong!

Membership includes:

  • A Membership Card.
  • List your tractor(s) in the registry. (Send model, year and serial numbers of your Ford/Fordson and/or equipment for the registry when sending in your dues, or at any time as your inventory changes).
  • A magazine mailed to you 4 times a year, You are encouraged to submit articles, pictures, etc., or anything related to the objectives of the F/FCA to be included in future issue of the journal.
  • Members may place free classified ads once per year, more often if space is available.

The purpose of the Ford/Fordson Collectors Association is to:

  • Form a worldwide non-profit organization of individuals to preserve the name and tradition of all tractors and equipment bearing the names Fordson, Ford-Ferguson, Ford and Dearborn.
  • Provide a forum and medium through which anyone may exchange information and materials for renovation, maintenance and historical background of the above listed family of equipment Assemble a worldwide registry of Ford/Fordson tractors.
  • Organize and conduct an annual meeting for display and personal exchange of Fordson, Ford-Ferguson, Ford and Dearborn equipment and/or information.  Meeting locations vary from year to year.

The dues are $30.00 per year, $55.00 for 2 years, or $75.00 for 3 years.  Other than U.S., $40 per year.  All foreign dues must be submitted in U.S. Funds payable from a Bank within the U.S.A. . Make checks payable to: F/FCA and send to the Ford/Fordson Collectors Association,  2246 E 100 N, Winamac, IN 46996.