Reported/Located Early 9N Serial Numbers

Last Updated: (Oct. 2016)

S/N Owner, Location, Notes

16      Emstrom D, Galesburg IL - Restored, AL hood
17      Barry Albertson Came from Ohio
28     Hoffman J, Steinauer NE - Restored, AL Hood
33      Emstrom D, Galesburg Il - Restored, AL Hood (EX)
52      Johnson B PA. Missing hood
57      Emstrom D, Galesburg IL -Restored, AL Hood
59      Kenton Tiller, 2nd owner, steel hood
90      Wilbur P&J, Woodstock Valley CT restored al hood
91      Wilber P&J NJ. al hood
113    Stewart S, Can - in restoration, al hood
124    Norman D, GA - alum hood, restored
141     Burt Hudson Al. hood
144     Duncan OH
145     Marivck OR
157     Roberts R,Cortland OH - Restored, AL hood
165     Al hood, rough sold at auction in Il July 2016
163     Danny Hall, Indiana
175     Emstrom D,Galesburg IL- Restored, AL hood
176     Ernest L Restored, steel hood, spare steel wheels and steel cab
179     Schafer D,Flat Rock MI -Restored, Steel hood 1st wk of prod
198     Mark Harris
201     Meyer R, Gurnee Il - Restored,Alum hood
203     Roberts R, Cortland OH - Restored, AL hood
217     Helman Duane Rosewood OH- Restored, AL hood
223     Jewel K, KY
241     Sierk R,Christiana PA- stl hood, unrestored,
251     Erickson MO
252     Hill T,Lexington NC- alum hood, restored
278     Oleson B, Palmyra WI - Alum hood, restored
281     Greg Haxton
283     Stewart S, CAN -Al hood, restored
284     Troy Conley
287     Jason Grooms
290     Erickson MO
292     Steve Dombrowski California
298     Lyndon Moss Texas
300     Rainville C, Franklin VT - steel hood, restoring
315     Hines A, Clifton CO - Alum hood, restored sold at Schneider auction MI for $35000. 6/4/2016
357     Fossum P, MN -Al hood, restored sold 2011?
358     Shepherd M, Lathrop MO- Restored, AL hood
366     Richard Kunkenbecker At NH dealer in showroom, first one received by dealer , was never sold
371     Fredritz J. Cary OH. Restored Al. hood
376     Stewart S, Can -restored,- Al hood
387     Ranville C, Franklin VT steel hood, restored
394     Meyer R, Gurnee IL - Alum, Painted
397     Reis B, Eenezette PA- Steel Hood, painted,dash #433
404     Julie Browning Al. hood, dash #516, heated seat, found in Montana restored in UK
406     Elwood R, Lakeville CT - Restored, Al hood 422 on dash
407     Jones C, Elton TN
419     Sean Smith
440     Stewart S, Can - restored, al hood
445     Cook Harold St Lewis MO. Al. hood restored
450     Myers M, Moro IL - Unrestored, Al Hood
456     Kelch W, OH - Alum Hood, restored
465     Jacob Beans
470     Hoffman J, Steinauer NE- Restored, AL hood
474     Stewart S, Can- restored, al hood sold at 2016 show to Delaware resold by Mecum auction to AZ
478     Perry Sr. David Cerryfield ME-alum hood, unrestored
496     McCleod B. NY Al. hood being restored
501     Schemoine G, Pamona IL- ldr/trks used to feed cattle
516     Kelly Jewell
527     Meyer R, Gurnee IL - Steel hood
528     N-Complete IN.
529     Floyd Cappaert
542     Griem D, Keil WI- al hood restored, C M Hall lights
543     Jewel K, KY
555     Jewel K, KY
563     Hargett E, Norris City IL - Alum, just found, being restored
591     Jewel K, KY
594     Tiller Kenyon
601     Williams MI - Al hood
605     Wesley Connell
614     Johnson B PA. Al. Hood
616     Meyer R, Gurnee IL- Restored, Al hood
654     Clothier MI- Al hood
656     Dennis Carpenter NC. -Unrestored, Al Hood
665     Jack Crane Family restored aluminum hood previous owner Don and Ron Church 680 Stewart S, CAN - Al hood, restored
693     Johnson B PA. Al. hood
760     Meyer R, Gurnee IL -Steel hood
824     Meyer R, Gurnee IL - Restored, steel hood
841     Varney C, Sterling IL
876     Dennis Melby
882     Sweigard Brothers PA.
901     Jennings NC
910     James Cleveland
927     Stan Morris
933     Hyland D, Spring Valley MN
935     Hiesser MI -steel hood
944     Lehman D, Genesse PA- Alum hood, unrestored, running
949     Sherwood James Cameron Mills NY
996     Norman D, MN- steel hood, restored