Rocker Pin Removal


“How do I remove the 3pt top rocker pin?”


People seem to have a terrible time getting the rocker pins or sleeves out, but I’ve never found it to be that difficult. The right tools make all the difference. The hollow sleeve that allows the use of the 8N486A pin is the easiest to remove. First remove the 8N486A pin and disconnect the rocker from the yoke and spring.

We use a driver made to just fit the sleeve. It needs to be 2 pieces because the driver plug is larger than the access hole.

Put the driver in place and whack it with a heavy hammer.

Thats usually all it takes, just a few whacks and it’s out.

The solid pin can be much more challenging. It’s a very tight fit, and is more stubborn than the hollow split pin. It comes out the same way, using the same method, but with a straight driver. An inexpensive pneumatic hammer will usually walk them right out with very little effort.

Thanks to John Smith of Old Ford Tractor for allowing us to use this information.