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Overall Length:

Overall Width:

Front tread width: 

Rear Tread Width:

Ground Clearance:

Approx Shipping Weight:

Engine Type:




Compression ratio:

Firing order:

Idle speed:

Maximum RPM (no load):



Cooling System Type:


Initial Timing @475 rpm:

Advance @2000 RPM:

Point Gap:

Spark Plug Size:

Spark Plug Gap:

Generator Type:

Generator Capacity:


Fuel Capacity:

Cooling System:

Crankcase Capacity:

Transmission Capacity 5-Speed:

Differential Capacity:

Hydraulic System Capacity:

Steering Assembly Capacity:

Air Filter Oil Cup Capacity:

Oil Pump GPM:

Water Pump GPM:


Pressure CAP:

Crankshaft journal diameter main:

Crankshaft end play:

Crankpin diameter:

Main bearing clearance:

Connecting rod bearing clearance:

Connecting rod side clearance:

Piston pin diameter:

Piston pin length:

Pin clearance in rod and piston:

Connecting rod bushing ID:

Fitting new piston into new bore:

Fitting used piston into new bore:

Fitting used piston into used bore:

Piston ring side clearance top ring:

Piston ring side clearance second ring:

Piston ring side clearance oil ring:

Camshaft bearing clearance:

Camshaft journal diameter:

Camshaft gear lash:

Camshaft end play:

Camshaft block bore diameter:

Rocker arm support journal diameter:

Rocker arm running clearance:

Valve face angle:

Valve seat angle valve seat runout:

Valve seat width intake:

Valve seat width exhaust:

Valve lash:

Valve cap to stem end clearance:

Valve guide inside diameter:

Valve stem to guide clearance:

Valve stem diameter intake/red:

Valve Stem Diameter- intake/green:

Valve stem diameter exhaust red:

Valve stem diameter exhaust green:

Valve timing intake opens @:

Valve timing intake [email protected]:

Valve timing exhaust opens @:

Valve Timing- Exhaust Closes @:

Valve Lift- Intake:

Valve Lift- Exhaust:

Valve Rotators- exhaust:

Valve Tappet Diameter:

Valve Tappet Bore Clearance:

Oil Pump Drive Shaft-to-Body Clearance:

Oil Pump Driven Gear-to-Pin Clearance:

Oil Pump Gear-to-Pump Body Side Clear:

Front Tire:

Rear Tire: